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Ph.D. Student; Department of Psychology; Division of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Health Psychology
Ph.D programme "Imaging the Mind"

  • MSc, Clinical Psychology, University of Salzburg
  • BSc, Psychology, University of Salzburg

Claudio Georgii studied Psychology at the University of Salzburg and received his master’s degree in 2015. For his master thesis he explored differences in the neural processing of food and object pictures in a clinical sample (obese adolescents) by means of EEG source localization techniques. His research focuses on the underlying neural dynamics in the development of obesity. Claudio is associated with the doctoral program “Imaging the Mind” and is supervised by Prof. Jens Blechert. Working in the “Eating Behavior Laboratory”, which is part of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCNS), he is investigating the basic principles and treatment options of eating behavior in clinical and non-clinical terms. His method of choice is the EEG in order to investigate neural dynamics related to eating behavior.



Blechert, J., Testa, G., Georgii, C., Klimesch, W., Wilhelm, FH (2016): The Pavlovian craver: Neural and experiential correlates of single trial naturalistic food conditioning in humans. Physiology & Behavior, 158, 18-25. .pdf