Anja Lender


Ph.D. Student; Department of Psychology; Division of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Health Psychology

Ph.D programme "Imaging the Mind"


2014: Magistra in Psychology (equivalent to a Master’s degree)

Thesis: "Dynamics in Inter-Brain Synchronization while playing piano toghether"

Research Interests

Born and raised in Hamburg (Germany), I moved to Austria to graduate in Psychology at the University of Vienna in 2014. Even back then I had a passion for philosophical questions concerning the relationship between body, brain and mind. For my diploma thesis at the Max Planck Institute of Human Development, I gained insight into several psychophysiological methods, of which electroencephalography (EEG) fascinated me the most.

For my PhD at the Eating Behavior Laboratory I focus on temporal patterns in neural activity of people who differ according to their eating behavior. I look forward to identifying neural correlates of mental processes involved in craving and dieting (e.g. response inhibition and cognitive control), which may help to better differentiate between clinical and non-clinical groups.