Michaela Bühler




Bühler, M., Scheiter, F. & Sieverding, M. (2018). The Other Side of Dressing Sexy – Effects of sexualized everday wear on the perception of women and men. Talk at the 51st Congress of the German Association of Psychology (DGPs), Frankfurt am Main. 


Since my bachelor's studies, research which has a high real-life applicability is what interests me most. 

In my bachelor thesis I researched the influences of sexualized everyday wear on the perception of women and men and therefore, delved deeper into the topic of body image and (self-)objectification. 

For my master’s thesis I researched everyday-life problem solving and the effects of anxiety on satisfaction and problem solving style using EMA. 

After two-years of practical work in the preventative sector of educational psychology, I started my PhD in the "building blocks of resilience" project.

My dissertation is planned to revolve around topics of resilience, preventative measures, as well as body image and disordered eating. In addition, I’m personally interested in the applicability of stoicism for improving resilience.